Sri lankan devilled pork recipe


1 lb Pork
Crushed red chillies
1 large onions cut into 2 inch sqaure pieces
1 Bell pepper or Banana pepper
crushed garlic and ginger
Salt to taste
Ketch up ar tomato sauce
Red chillie powder
1 tsn Sugar
cooking oil


Remove the excess fat from the pork and cut them into small pieces and wash well. Season it with salt and red chillie powder. Heat a pan with cooking oil and add the pork and let it fry until golden brown on the sides. Add vinegar and cook well.When all the water has been absorbed add a little cooking oil and toss the onions and peppers with crushed garlic and ginger. Add a little soy sauce and stir well. Now add crushed red chillies and ketchup. Finally sprinkle a little sugar and remove from the stove.

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