Versatile Mexican Quesadillas

Mexican Quesadillas

ten inch flour tortillas - equal to the number of people you are serving
grated meltable cheese - mild and sharp cheddar, Monterey jack, queso, chihuahua, or others
butter or olive oil for toasting
grilled chicken, shredded or diced
mushrooms, sliced
fresh tomatoes, diced
black olives, sliced
peppers different colors
green onions, sliced
Heat a large, heavy skillet, such as a cast iron pan, over medium high heat.
Add a small amount of butter and spread it evenly over the pan, then place on large tortilla in the pan. Wait ten seconds, and then flip the tortilla, repeating until it begins to bubble.
Once air pockets have begun to form, sprinkle a small handful of grated cheese onto the tortilla, and then add additional ingredients.
Do not layer them on too thickly, or the tortilla will not fold properly.
Reduce heat and cover the pan.
Cheese should melt and the tortilla should brown without burning or smoking.
Remove from heat if this occurs.
Once cheese is melted, flip with a spatula and slightly brown the other side, then serve whole or cut into wedges, with a green salad, guacamole, sour cream, and/or salsa.
(Serves as many as needed)

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