Russian rassolnik


40 g cabbage
100 g potatoes
30 g carrot
20 g parsley roots
10 g celery roots
20 g onion
20 g pickled cucumbers
10 g butter
10 g sour cream
fragrant pepper, pea-shaped (peppercorn)
salt to taste


Use meat broth as a base for making rassolnik. At the same time there is a vegetarian variant of this dish. Chop cabbage, onion and the roots. Shape potato into cubes, pickled cucumbers into straws or cubes. Fry in oil onion and the roots.
In a boiled broth put cabbage, bring broth to the boil, add potato and in 5 – 6 minutes onion and the roots, fried in oil. Before 5 minutes to readiness add bay-leaf, fragrant pepper (peppercorn), salt and season with juice of salted cucumbers. Serve with sour cream and greens.


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