• pinch Pepper
  • 1 lemon
  • 50g Tuna
  • 4 Malsouqua
  • dspoon Oil


first of all ; crumble up the tuna or cut it into small pieces , Heat oil in a frying pan. spread papers of malsouqua (pastry) one by one on a flat plate and fold the edges of the paper in order to give it the shape of a square.
Second; place pieces of tuna in the middle of the leaf, break an egg over fresh raw, sprinkle a small pinch of pepper, fold the malsouqua on the stuffing to give it the shape of a triangle,
After that move the briqua near the base of the pan, slide it slowly in hot oil, then spray oil or turn it to cook the other side.
Finally; once the egg and tuna become calf . serve it immediately, because while it is hot, the egg will continue to even outside the fire. Briks are always served with lemon.

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