Roulades of Peppers

Roulades o Peppers
INGREDIENTS (for 4 people):
3-4 Pepper (read, yellow, or green as you prefer)
50 g or 1/4 cup of Pine nut
50 g or 1/4 cup of Raisins
50 g or 1/3 cup of Capers
50g or 1/4 cup of Anchovy
30 g or 1/4 cup of Parsley
1 Egg
100 g or 1/2 cup of Breadcrumb
Black pepper


COOKING TIME: 30 minutes

WINE: Ribolla Gialla (White wine)

Start with the preparation of peppers: first thing to do is to cook the peppers in the oven. Place a sheet of baking paper on the bottom of a baking pan, put on it the peppers and cook at 180 degree for about 20 minutes until it will be very easy to remove the very thin peel of the peppers. Turn the peppers time by time in order to roast each side of the peppers. This step is very important in order to remove the peel; another option is to cook the peppers on a grill. You can do, as you prefer. When the peppers are ready let them cool down and then remove their peel. Cut the peppers in slice of 4-5 cm of width.

Roulades of Peppers

Now you can prepare the filling. Cut in little pieces the anchovies; place them in a bowl together with the pine nuts, the raisins and the capers.

Roulades of Peppers

Mix them and then add, the breadcrumb, the egg and the parsley. Mix everything and add some salt if you think that is necessary, but not too much because the anchovies are already salted.

Roulades of Peppers

Now you can fill the slices of peppers and roll them in order to make the roulades.

Roulades of Peppers

Close the roulades with toothpick or with cooking thread. Place the roulade of pepper in a baking pan and baked for a bout 15-20 minutes at 180 degree until the surface of the roulades becomes golden. Serve them warm as a main dish or a side dish.

Roulades of Peppers



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