Boilded eggs in spinach sauce

Boilded eggs in spinach sauce

- Ingredients:
- A bunch of spinach
- Ό litre of liquid cream
- 8 eggs
- ½ of coρac
- 1 small tin of tuna
- Some grated parmesan cheese
- Salt and balck pepper
- Ground nutmeg
- 3 spoonfuls of mayonnaise

First of all boil the eggs and when they are boiled cut them in half long ways and take out the yolks. Boil the spinach with little water until it wilts and then once done drain it well. Then put the spinach into a food blender and blend the spinach until it is mush. Leave that to ones side for later. Take the egg yolks and mush them in a bowl with the tuna and the mayonnaise and mix together well and leave for later. In a pan pour the cream, the parmesan cheese, the coρac, a pinch of nutmeg and finally add the spinach and let everything simmer to thicken. On a plate lay the spinach and on top place the egg whites and fill them with the egg yolk mix.

TIME: 20 minutes


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