Asparagus tips with eggs and potatoes

Asparagus tips with eggs and potatoes

- 2 kilos of chopped asapragus (keeping the tips)
- A kilo of potatoes
- 6 eggs
- Half a litre of oil
- Water and salt

Peel and cut the soft part of the asparagus keeping 3cm of the tip and then cook them. Once they have cooked put them in a colander to drain them of the water. Then peel and wash the potatoes then cut them into small cubes. In a frying pan put the oil to heat up and fry the potatoes until they turn brown. Once brown, take them from the heat and drain them of any excess oil and lightly salt them and keep them to one side until later. Remove nearly all the oil from the pan but leave a little. Start to fry the asparagus tips in the pan and in a separate bowl whisk the eggs and add them to the pan. When everything is creamy- looking take them from the pan from the heat so it can set more and then at the last moment throw in the fried potatoes and mix in.

TIME: 20 minutes


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